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Over the years the states have collected over $96 billion in court-ordered child support that would have typically have gone unpaid each year. Every year since 1998 this has increased from $15 billion to $22 billion with the success rate increasing from 23 percent to 51 percent. But changes that took effect in October of 2007 have drastically reduced those numbers, due to the lack of federal support to the states in tracking down deadbeat parents.

States reported an undistributed funds pool of over $734 million at the end of 2004 in collected but undistributed child support payments. Many States have a policy, some state lawmakers find it disturbing, that money collected from parents by the state on behalf of children could instead be spent on prisons, roads or legislative staff.

Unclaimed child-support funds that do go into the state treasury can later be claimed and paid for the intended children, officials point out. But the practice of sending undisbursed money to the treasury after just one year is still a point of outrage for many.

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